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Films Directed by David Sumner

Here is the latest trailer for ReSet! Being distributed by Midnight Releasing. Available for Streaming August 3rd!

Reset | Midnight Releasing

Here is the trailer for my first feature film ReSet. Here is the Link to the IMDB page:

Elphaba Thompson has always known that she was different. She has trouble making friends, she doesn't seem to fit in with anybody, and she talks to her dead father in her dreams. Raised in a Wiccan family, Elphaba has never doubted the supernatural but when her father warns her of impending danger she's shaken. Is it all just dreams and fantasy or does she have a connection to the spirit world. And if so, can she protect herself from the evil that is threatening her?

Trailer for the short film A Witch in Salem.

The Waltz.png

The Waltz. A short, one shot film of two lovers dancing with a twist.

A Fleeting moment.png

A Fleeting Moment. A man and a woman share an intense connection at a party.

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